Choosing the Right Wheelchair to Rent

A wheelchair can be used with people who are not able to support themselves. When you have an injured leg or for the older people, you need a wheelchair to keep them moving indoors. The lame also needs the wheelchair to keep permanently for their movement. For the case where you have a minor injury, you need to use a wheelchair for a short time, so consider to rent a wheelchair for Disney World.

Buying a new wheelchair will be a waste of time because you will be healing in a short period. You need to consider hiring the wheelchair from the wheelchair services in the hospitals. You can also visit the local wheelchair rental for a wheelchair. Before you hire the wheelchair, you need to consider some crucial factor to help you choose the best wheelchair.

Self-propel or attendant propel

electric wheelchair scooterWhen you are hiring a wheelchair for an occasion or any other reason, you need to be specific with the propel you would prefer. If you intend to propel the wheelchair for yourself, then you need to hire a self-propelled wheelchair with back wheels that are big enough to propel it.

Other wheelchairs with a handle at the back require a person to push you. If you are not strong enough to propel the wheelchair by yourself, then you need to choose a wheelchair with handles to rely on a person to push you.

Your health condition

This is an important consideration when you are hiring a wheelchair. You need to choose a wheelchair that is easy to move around. For the older people who feel weak to peddle the wheelchair, you will have to choose a light wheelchair that you will not strain to move around. You can also prefer to buy a wheelchair that is powered to control with a joystick. This will help you to move from one place to another easily without applying much strength.


If you are using a wheelchair and you have to have to use a car, or you need to shift to traveling with any vehicle, you need a wheelchair that is easy to carry. The wheelchair should have flexible parts that you can fold into a small size to fit in the car. You can also choose a wheelchair that has detachable parts such as the wheels, arms or even the footrests to make it fit in the vehicle when you are traveling. The wheelchair should also be easy to fix back to normal size easily.

The overall weight of the wheelchair

electric wheelchairThe weight of the wheelchair you choose to hire determines the difficulty of peddling or pushing around. A heavy wheelchair is also difficult to load into a car when you intend to transport. The frames of the wheelchair you choose should be light to give you a peaceful time when you are using that wheelchair.

If the wheelchair has a lot of weight that is unavoidable, you should make sure that the parts are detachable to make it easy to lift the wheelchair whenever you need to transport it.